How it at all came to be.


I am so excited to start this blog and take you all on my journey through motherhood with me.

I decided to start a blog because I realized that I needed to make sure that I kept all of those precious memories and life lessons in one area to be able to look back on!

If any of you ever have an ideas for blog posts I would LOVE to hear. 🙂 We are a crazy family of 3. My husband Justin works for Pete King Construction as an estimator and loves loves loves his job. I am able to be a working mom from home to stay home with the little peanut doing lashes and working for my best friends mother in law ! Life is crazy but we try to enjoy every moment of it. Justin is still in school and will finish up in the next few years! We can not wait for that!!! I hope you all follow all my adventures of “momming” the mistakes, the joys, & the tears!

This week I am doing a giveaway on my instagram for a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins so don’t forget to look and enter before 9pm tonight! These little baby kicks are about the cutest things I have every laid eyes on and not to mention they are so so so comfy.

Lennon was so confused the first time I put them on and was kicking her little legs around. That was a sight to see.

Until next time loves




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