My Pumping Journey.


Lennon was born 3 1/2 weeks early so her latch was very weak. We started he with formula in the hospital until I was able to pump some milk for her.

My supply was strong in the beginning and I was able to pump 2 feedings for her every time I pumped. That slowly started to dwindle when Lennon turned about 2 months old. I tried everything to get my supply back up but nothing was working long term. I started supplementing every other feeding with formula and using my freezer stash of breastmilk when necessary.

By the time Lennon turned 3 months I realized that I was stressing myself out to the point where it was affecting my overall mood. Justin and I decided that all that mattered was to feed her. She is now a formula baby but we are still able to give her one breastmilk bottle a day from the freezer.

I am so thankful that Lennon is such a laid back baby that just goes with the flow. All she really cares about is that she gets a bottle lol.

Lennon loves her Milksnob cover for so many reasons.

Here are a couple of ways we love to use our milk snob

  1. Carseat Cover
  2. Pumping Cover
  3. Blanket
  4. Burp Cloth

Fore all you mommas who are struggling pumping or breast feeding you can do it! I believe in you! Just always remember that all that matters is that your little nugget is fed. They will love you no matter what!



Meal Prepping For A Family.


The busy family that we are makes it almost impossible to have every meal planned. My husband and I are guilty of eating out more than we should.

Grocery shopping is about the worst thing ever with a three month old. I find myself buying a ton of chicken and salads…. (boring).

I came across this small business Guacboxaz that does all the meal prepping for you! It was incredible! I tried a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and PROTEIN BALLS!! I ate the protein balls as soon as I got in the car. haha

This may not be something that I do every week because my husband does love to cook but for those busy weeks this is definitely my go to!

For the next week they are running a special of 15% off with code MYTRIBE. If you’re tempted to try this would be the week to do it. Give yourself a break in the kitchen!

Lennon’s First Kicks.


Lennon is now 3 months old and she has always been a barefoot kind of girl. (Arizona is too hot to be anything but a naked baby)

I recently got in contact with Freshly Picked and decided that I wanted these to be Lennon’s first pair of shoes! This company is based in Utah and they make the cutest moccasins from newborn all the way to your little walkers (heaven knows I can wait for the day she starts to walk- insert crying emoji here). Anybody who knows me knows I am   all about Rose Gold so I had my eye on these gems! Great news is they come in almost any color you can imagine and the cutest patterns. She seems to love them but may be a little confused as to what exactly happened to her toes.

I am doing a giveaway right now for any moms or moms-to-be to get there very own baby moccs for their little nuggets! Make sure to head over to my instagram to enter!

How it at all came to be.


I am so excited to start this blog and take you all on my journey through motherhood with me.

I decided to start a blog because I realized that I needed to make sure that I kept all of those precious memories and life lessons in one area to be able to look back on!

If any of you ever have an ideas for blog posts I would LOVE to hear. 🙂 We are a crazy family of 3. My husband Justin works for Pete King Construction as an estimator and loves loves loves his job. I am able to be a working mom from home to stay home with the little peanut doing lashes and working for my best friends mother in law ! Life is crazy but we try to enjoy every moment of it. Justin is still in school and will finish up in the next few years! We can not wait for that!!! I hope you all follow all my adventures of “momming” the mistakes, the joys, & the tears!

This week I am doing a giveaway on my instagram for a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins so don’t forget to look and enter before 9pm tonight! These little baby kicks are about the cutest things I have every laid eyes on and not to mention they are so so so comfy.

Lennon was so confused the first time I put them on and was kicking her little legs around. That was a sight to see.

Until next time loves



About Danielle.


Hi all danielle here!

I have received an amazing amount of support and so many new followers that I thought I would introduce myself.

I am married to a wonderful man and have a two month old baby girl. This new mommin thing is exhausting but so worth it! This small business of mine has given me the opportunity to be home with little lennon and for that I am grateful. I am certified in lash extensions and have been doing them for about 2 1/2 years. I have recently dove into the adventure of hair extensions and I’m loving every moment. I love making women feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. I’m so grateful for the support and referrals that I have received and hope that I can meet all of you eventually! Message or text me with any questions at all.